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Where the honey is harvest in Huambo, Angola, there is no commercial farming activities, except rural small scale farmers, who are not using pesticides, they produce organic food

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honey is harvested primarily by rural small-scale farmers who engage in organic farming practices. Unlike commercial farming activities, these farmers do not use pesticides or other synthetic chemicals in their agricultural practices. As a result, the food produced by these farmers is considered organic. The honey harvested in Huambo is a natural product, free from artificial additives or contaminants, making it a desirable choice for consumers looking for organic options.

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Join us on our mission to promote organic farming, support local communities, and enjoy the purest honey nature has to offer. Explore our website to learn more about our honey varieties, recipes, and the positive impact we create together.

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We strongly believe in empowering local communities and creating sustainable livelihoods. By partnering with the small-scale farmers in Huambo, we support their economic development and help preserve traditional agricultural practices. Through fair and transparent trade, we aim to create positive change and improve the lives of those involved in honey production.